UPDATE:  June 22, 2004.  Well, it's official.  The dream is dead...  My harddrive crashed, basically wiping out the whole last half of the flash movie I did.  Why didn't I back it up, you ask?  Because I'm an idiot, does that help?  Not like it matters, that movie was moving at fucking snail speed, so I probably wouldn't have finished it for another few months.  Especially with the whole shooting of the film that's happening right now.  But I'll talk about that more when I get my new site going in a few weeks.  It's going to be called the ' HMDB ' basically taken from the imdb: "internet movie database', but instead it will be the HOMEMOVIE database.  

For now, I'll let this sunken ship of a website to capsize and I'll fix the broken link to Mike M's website, since that's back up and running.  And maybe later on in the year, I'll take the footage of what I had for the cartoon movie and throw in some sound fx, music and credits and basically call it "All that could have been..."  The title of a never finished product.

D-Bone out.  End transmission.  Goodbye.   It's done.   Over.   I'm out, bitches!





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