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D-Bone Goes to Town

sphere headD-Bone: 2 glass eyes... patches n' buttons

look at the detail hobo scruff stump hands

baby face car on the horizon money shot

box car bone blood splat - Don't give money to homeless guys                                      - Look both ways before you cross the street                         - Drink some coffee before driving around tired                     - Or is it that D-Bone had no ideas for a cartoon?


So there you have it, folks... My very first flash movie, comic book style. Of course it sounds better with the music and the voices, but it's better than trying to upload the whole damn thing here.  I started this movie not knowing exactly where I was going with it, but then again, that's exactly how I started my newest flash cartoon.  Looking back on this attempt at flash, I think I did a pretty good job with the animations, it's just that I really didn't put my full effort into the drawings.  And by the way, the cartoon is around three minutes long, so it isn't as short as it looks in the still pictures above.  Don't worry folks, my next cartoon (3rd time's the charm) will be my best yet. Stay tuned!